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Tustin Dance Center (TDC) offers choreography services for any style of dance. Choreography may be contracted with any of our talented instructors or with other individuals with whom TDC may connect you depending on your vision and goals for your dance piece.

Choreography is set at a fixed price per piece. The student or students (duos, trios, dance teams or other multiple dancer pieces) then learn the choreography via private lessons administered by a TDC instructor, which may also be the choreographer, who is trained in the corresponding dance genre and is agreed to by both parties at the time private lessons are scheduled.

Choreography is taught via private lessons at Tustin Dance Center, 14662 Franklin Ave, Tustin, CA 92780. Typically, the requesting party schedules and pays for as many private lessons as is required to learn and clean the dance. Private lessons may be purchased by the hour or via a private lesson package.

Please complete and submit form below with your inquiry about securing our choreography services.

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