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These classes teach the fundamentals of different dance forms. Students learn etiquette, dress code, movements, and self-correction.  Classes are designed to introduce structure and vocabulary in a fun environment and are paced to the needs of the students. Students will practice listening to their teacher and cooperating with other students while learning the fundamentals.







Entry-level ballet / second year ballet combo class (offered this way during summer months) class for ages 5-7 emphasizing the fundamentals of classical ballet, including elements of Pre-Ballet 1 and Pre-Ballet 2 (see above).




An entry-level Tap/Ballet class for ages 5-7 concentrating on exploring the fundamentals of Tap and Ballet. Approximately 30 tap followed by 30 minutes ballet.




Entry-level Hip-Hop class exploring basic Hip-Hop moves such as popping, locking, waving and basic choreography.  This introductory-level Hip Hop class provides a structured method of learning various Hip Hop dance movements in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment, and offers a new set of combinations and routines every time.


1  Stated prerequisites must be completed prior to starting this class.



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  Fee schedule based on total TDC-enrolled hours of dance

Pre-Ballet (5-7)

  Thursday's at 5:45 pm

  Weekly 60-minute class

Tap/Ballet (5-7)

  Wednesday's at 3:30 pm

  Weekly 60-minute class

Hip-Hop/Jazz (5-7)

  Saturday's at 11:00 am

  Weekly 60-minute class

Music for Dancers

  Not currently offered

  Weekly 60-minute class




Last updated: 08/16/2021



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