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Modern dance is based on natural, expressive, and sequential movements. This dance technique was developed in the early 1900’s along with the modern art explosion. Modern dance expresses individuality and encourages the students to express a broad range of emotions through various qualities of movement. Improvisation, creative movement, and basic technique are all incorporated into our Modern dance class.






Modern 12


As taught at TDC, the Graham, Horton, and Cunningham techniques will be explored in exercises focusing on different Modern dance ideas, such as contraction, release, flat back, swings, descent/ascent  laterals, working in parallel, and initiating movement from different body parts. Improvisation will be introduced and explored giving the student the opportunity to understand the motivation behind the movement and the freedom to create their own unique style. Class then progresses across the floor with movement phrases, turns, single-foot arch springs (jumps from one foot) falls, and rolls.  Individual interpretation and performance skills will be emphasized through the technical framework. Modern dance is a great class to take in preparation for summer dance programs, performing arts high schools, college auditions and professional company auditions.


Ballet I






1 Stated prerequisite must be completed prior to starting this class.

2 Currently offered only in summer session.








Class Details


Not currently offered

·    Fee schedule based on total TDC-enrolled hours of dance

Modern 1

·    Not currently offered

·    Weekly 60-minute class



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