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Tustin Dance Center Vision and Values






Thank you for your interest in and support of Tustin Dance center, where we realize our vision and demonstrate our values each and every day.

Our Vision

  • To instill in the hearts of our students an exhilarating love for the wondrous art of dance;
  • To enable our students to express themselves through creative movement with skill, grace, poise and joy ;
  • To build self-confidence and self-esteem in a loving, accepting, family-oriented atmosphere where you can...

Dance to Your Heart’s Delight

Our Values

·         LOVE for family and our fellow man, respect for personal religious beliefs

·         JOY in and for the wondrous, exhilarating art of dance

·         PEACE within our hearts from knowing who we are and where we are going

·         PATIENCE to extend grace to ourselves and to those around us

·         KINDNESS and caring towards everyone we encounter in life

·         GOODNESS to others through giving generously of ourselves

·         FAITHFULNESS to our word, our dreams, our beliefs and our values

·         GENTLENESS springing from a heart full of love and caring

·         SELF-CONTROL to follow through on our goals, dreams, commitments and values









We Also Value…


Your business and your trust in all that we do.






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