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Thank you for your interest in and support of Tustin Dance Center (TDC). The TDC policies for the 2023-2024 sessions are outlined below. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Tuition Policy


Class tuition rates are posted on the main policies and tuition page, and apply to the 2023-2024 regular sessions.

An annual, non-refundable registration fee of $25.00/student will be included in the September billing for existing students enrolled at that time. The registration fee will be for new students will be included at the time of enrollment.

Families and individuals will be billed on or about the 27th of each month for the next month's tuition. Payment is due on the 1st day of the month, and a $15.00 late fee will be applied for all tuition payments received after the 10th of the month. Tuition is a monthly fee and is based on an average of 4 weeks per month. There is no additional charge for a 5-week month, nor is there any adjustment for 3-week months resulting from holidays or breaks. A $35.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Families are encouraged to sign-up for automatic payment which helps to ensure timely payment each month. Please inquire about automatic payment at the studio or by calling 714-544-3072.

Families may cancel enrollment at TDC provided a 2-week written notice is given. See the Cancellation policy below for more information.

Late Payment & Delinquent Account Policy

Payments made after the 10th of the month will be charged a $15 late fee. Accounts late more than 2 consecutive months will be required to be on our automatic payment plan.

Accounts more than 60 days delinquent will be required to be on our automatic payment plan. Delinquent accounts must have an active payment plan in place in order for student to continue taking dance or Kindermusik classes, or private lessons at TDC.

Payment plans are established via the account holder and at the discretion of the TDC Director.

Dance Team, Solo, Duo and Trio competitors must have competition fees paid in their entirety at the time of competition registration. Dancers with unpaid fees will not be allowed to participate in competitions in which they are registered. Paid competition fees are non-refundable commensurate with the competition policy.

Trial Class Policy

A maximum of one trial class is available to each new student. Trial classes may be requested by completing the Kindermusik or dance trial request form on the TDC website, by sending an email to tdcfrontdesk@gmail.com or by completing a form at the TDC front desk. All trial requests must be confirmed by TDC before the requestor may attend a class.

A trial class is a free class. Individuals wishing to enroll after the trial class must pay the annual $25.00 registration fee, and tuition will be prorated for the trial month. Please see the Tuition Policy above for more information.

Thank you for your interest in Tustin Dance Center.

Private Lesson Policy

Students desiring a private lesson must schedule the lesson with the appropriate instructor. Coupons for admission into the private must be purchased in advance from the front desk according to the prices listed on the tuition page. The coupon must be given to the instructor prior to the beginning of the private lesson. If no front desk staff member is on duty at the time of the private lesson, a check payable to 'Tustin Dance Center' may be given to the instructor with the Instructor?s name, and the date and time of the private lesson written on the memo line.

Private Lesson Choreographer's Fee (Including duos, trios, etc.)

Students requesting choreography for a special event, a recital dance or a competition are required to pay a $150.00 choreographer's fee. This fee will include compensation for choreographic research, music purchasing, music editing, and the choreographer's creative process. Fees will be made payable directly to the instructor at the time the private lessons are scheduled.

All competing Soloists, Duos and Trios must take classes in their respective genre according to their Solo, Duo or Trio contract.

Dance Attire Policy

Students are expected to dress appropriately for their classes according to the following guidelines by dance style. Please note that all dancers, male and female, must have their hair pulled back off their face and secured at all times during dance class.

Ballet. Female dancers: Leotards and tights with hair combed back and secured in a tight, clean bun, with Ballet shoes. Male dancers: Black tights, white t-shirt, Ballet shoes.

Tap. Leotards and tights, or leotards with Jazz shorts or pants; Tap shoes.

Jazz. Leotards and tights, or Jazz pants/shorts; Jazz shoes.

Hip-Hop. T-shirt or tank top with Jazz pants, shorts or sweatpants (no jeans); tennis shoes.

TDC dancers are not permitted to wear inappropriate clothing to class and to TDC performances, and under no circumstances are dancers allowed to reveal bare midriffs.

Dancewear, dance bags, shoes and accessories are available for purchase in our studio store - 'The Backstage Boutique'.

Attendance and Make-Up Policy


There are no refunds for missed classes. However, If you miss a class, you may request a Make-Up appropriate for that student by contacting the TDC front-desk to schedule it.

The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for a make-up class:

         The student must be enrolled in at least one class at Tustin Dance Center.

         The student's Tustin Dance Center account must be current with no outstanding balance due.

         The Make-up class may be taken any time within two weeks prior to or within 30 days after a missed class or holiday.

         Once a Make-up slip is provided, the Make-up class must be taken within 30 days.

         Make-Ups may be disallowed for excessive absence from any class.

         Missed summer classes may not be made up in regular session classes or vice versa.

Classes may be closed or combined if there are fewer than 6 students enrolled.

Class time may be reduced to 35 - 45 minutes on any given day in which 4 or fewer students are present.

Cancellation & Absence Policy

If you cancel your enrollment in the studio or drop a class, you must do so in writing a minimum of 2-weeks prior to the 1st of the month. Failure to do so will result in a full billing for the following month and there will be no pro-rata adjustments. As noted above, there are no refunds for the annual registration fee or for Recital costume orders.

Students who are absent three consecutive times in any class without notice may be automatically dropped from that class. 'Dropped' students who wish to return to class are required to re-enroll, and may only do so if there is room in the class and upon re-payment of an additional registration fee.

Observation Policy

Visitors may observe classes through the viewing windows at the studio, however it is recommended that observers limit viewing time, as dancers are aware of your presence and can become distracted from their lesson. Observers may only enter the studio during class with prior permission from the instructor, or in the event of an emergency.

Parents are responsible for the supervision of non-dancing children at the studio at all times. Please treat the studio and the other families also present with the care, respect and safety each deserves.

Waiting Room Policy

The waiting rooms and lobby at TDC are intended to provide a nice, comfortable and peaceful environment for parents, dancers and siblings waiting for students. Please exercise the care, respect and safety that the studio and the other families deserve at all times so that all may relax and enjoy their visit to TDC. To this end, we ask that there be no running or jumping on furniture, and that loud noise be kept to a minimum (we realize that babies often don't abide by our minimum noise rule!).

No food or drinks are allowed in the lobby or waiting rooms other than what is sold at TDC.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support of Tustin Dance Center!

Studio Closure Policy

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The studio is closed the week before Labor Day, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas, and Easter breaks (as set by the Tustin Unified School District), Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and the week after the annual Recital.

The studio is generally open on Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran's Day. View the Holiday Schedule for a complete listing of planned closures.

Annual Recital Policy

Our annual Recital is held in June, and we encourage friends and relatives to attend and to celebrate and enjoy the accomplishments of the students. For this exciting event, we rent a large theatre (e.g., Servite High School) and create a big production to showcase the many dancers who have worked so hard throughout the year.

June tuition will be pro-rated up until the date of studio closure at the end of spring session. Tuition includes recital week and day of recital.

During week of recital, students who participate in the annual recital will meet at recital venue for their designated dress rehearsal rather than attending classes at TDC. Students not participating in the annual recital will not be charged tuition for recital week.

Recital tickets are available for purchase online or at the theatre box office on day of event.  Please make ticketing inquiries at the studio, by calling 714-544-3072 or by looking for updates on www.tustindance.com.

Recital participation by each student is optional, but the decision to participate must be made at the time costumes are ordered (typically in January each year). Costumes must be paid for in advance at the time of ordering and there are no cancellations or refunds on costume orders.

Your account balance must be paid in full prior to the Dress Rehearsal in order for your child to participate in the Recital.

The Nutcracker Ballet Policy

Tustin Dance Center proudly produces The Nutcracker ballet annually each December. For this wonderful family event, we rent a large theatre (e.g, Plummer Auditorium in Fullerton, La Mirada Theatre in La Mirada), and celebrate the festivities with multiple performances.

Studio participants also perform a number of 'Nutcracker in a Nutshell' performances prior to the main event around the Tustin, Irvine and Santa Ana communities (e.g., Tustin Tree Lighting Ceremony, Boys and Girls Club of Tustin, Enderle Center Holiday Open House). We also hold two other fun events prior to the Nutcracker performances including the 'Sugarplum Fairy Tea Party', and the 'Nutcracker Gala' for parents, patrons and donors.

Auditions by studio dancers for The Nutcracker ballet take place each summer in July and August. All Nutcracker roles are important and earned. The Director awards all roles based on each dancer's audition and skill level and the overall needs of the show. Roles awarded are not negotiable. The production also includes local and national professional dancers for some of the primary roles.

The Nutcracker tickets go on sale in September and may be purchased online or at the theatre box office on day of event. Please make ticketing inquiries at the studio, by calling 714-544-3072 or by looking for updates on www.tustindance.com.

Photography & Video Policy

We regularly photograph and/or videotape our annual Recital and The Nutcracker Ballet, and classroom activities. These photos and videos are usually posted on the Tustin Dance Center website (www.tustindance.com) and/or may be used in promotional materials (printed and electronic). Unless specifically prohibited in writing by parent or guardian, enrollment in Tustin Dance Center gives 'Tustin Dance and Music Center LLC' permission to use photos and videos of your child(ren) for promotional and/or communication purposes.

Last Updated: 05/10/2023

Director’s Note


Welcome to Tustin Dance Center!

Enroll Anytime!

You may enroll for classes at any time. We’ll pro-rate the first month if you enroll after the 1st of the month. We also offer convenient recurring billing.

Thank You

For your interest in and support of Tustin Dance Center. Call us at 714-544-3072 or send an email to info@tustindance.com if you have any questions.



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