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Pilates is a method of body conditioning comprised of over 500 exercises done on the mat and specially designed equipment.  It is named after Joseph H. Pilates, who developed the exercise system in the 1920s.  The Pilates method emphasizes strengthening the deep abdominal and back muscles, known as the core, which are integral in maintaining a strong spine and good posture. All classes are taught by a trained and certified Pilates instructor.






Group Pilates


Group Pilates is a mat class that follows a set of exercises using the body’s weight for resistance. The emphasis is learning to control specific muscles during exercises using proper form and technique. Our weekly class provides consistent training and conditioning for people of all ages.



Private Lessons


Private instruction includes a personal consultation from which a program is constructed that best meets each individual’s needs. Lessons utilize resistance-based equipment with a moving carriage that slides along a wooden or metal frame called a Reformer. Springs and ropes provide assistance and resistance for exercises performed lying down, sitting, kneeling or standing while adjusting them to be easier or more difficult, depending on your needs or fitness level.








1 There is no prerequisite for these classes.








Class Details


·         Enroll Anytime!

Group Pilates

·         Monday’s at 10:00 am

·         Weekly 60-minute class starts on June 17, 2019

Private Lessons

·         Call (714) 544-3072 for appointment

·         60 or 90-minute private lessons






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